Not that long ago in a garage pretty, pretty, pretty close....

  • Version II

    Slushy strikes back

    It is a period of creator wars on the internet. A brave alliance of underground freedom fighters has challenged the tyranny and oppression of the awesome FAANG EMPIRE.

    • Frederick Spivock

      Chief Technology Officer

    • David Gross

      Chief Executive Officer

    • Josh Metz

      Chief Marketing Officer

    • Back-End Development

    • Dmytro Chymyrys

      Junior Multi-Cloud Dev-Ops Sysadmin Scrum-master

    • Vitalii Dmytruk

      Full Stop Back-end Engineer and Master of Coin

    • Dr. Ievgen "Eugene" Bogomol Phd

      Sr. Principal Director Staff Whole-stack Architect Prompt Engineer (AWS certified)

    • Sami Madini

      Intern Back-end Engineer

    • Business Development

    • Sean "The Gourmet" Bruce V

      Custodial arts

    • Mia Vardakis

      Creator Success

    • Character Development

    • Nick Zweig

      Character Director

  • Designed by Slushy in Florida.

    Assembled in Candiac, Chateauguay, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Trondheim, Wellington, and Xenu.

  • Sounds provided by