Not that long ago in a garage pretty, pretty, pretty close....

  • Version III

    Return of the Slush

    TOM has return to his home planet of XENU in an attempt to restore order to the internet. Little does he know that the FAANG has secretly begun construction on a new social media platform. When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebels struggling to restore freedom to the internet...

    • Frederick Spivock

      Chief Technology Officer

      (Also fixes printers)

    • David Gross

      Interim Chief Executive Officer

    • Josh Metz

      Aspiring architect

      (Also Chief Marketing Officer)

    • Back-End Development

    • Dmytro Chymyrys

      Junior congolese Multi-Cloud Dev-Ops Sysadmin Scrum-master

    • Vitalii Dmytruk

      Full Stop Back-end Engineer and Master of Coin

    • Dr. Ievgen "Eugene" Bogomol Phd

      Sr. Principal Director Staff Whole-stack Architect Prompt Engineer (AWS certified)

    • Samuel Madinuel

      Le Intern Back-end Ingénieur

    • Business Development

    • Mia Vardakis

      Creator Success

    • Alanah Cole

      Head of Community

    • Harrison Truong

      Triangle Strategist

    • Sean "The Gourmet" Bruce V

      Promoted to customer

    • Character Development

    • Nick Zweig

      Character Director

  • Designed by Slushy in Florida.

    Assembled in Candiac, Chateauguay, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Trondheim, Wellington, and Xenu.

  • Sounds provided by